David Bowie New York City Subway Station Exhibit near his Broadway-Lafayette Home

The “David Bowie Is Here” exhibition in the Broadway-Lafayette NYC subway station he most used down the street from his house is a wonderful tribute to the man, the magic, the miracles he brought to the world. He was never supposed to go away, we were all going to see him live some day.

The amazing, high-quality poster collection of photos and captions sponsored by Spotify until May 13, 2018 drawing attention to the “David Bowie Is” Brooklyn Museum exhibit that goes until July 15, 2018 after it toured the world and this it’s last stop before retiring permanently. It showcases his career and personal archive of 60+ original costumes, hand written lyrics, and pictures back into his teenage years.

Additionally, in April, 2018 there were a Broadway-Lafayette machine and a Bleeker Street Station window attendant selling 250,000 “Tickets To Mars”, special limited edition David Bowie metro cards people waited in line for hours to get the collectible cards. I might sell you my set of 5 for the right price 😉

Google Map Picture of My 5 David Bowie NYC Metro Subway Card Collectible Set!

David Bowie NYC Metro Cards Complete Set of 5 Pictures

The metro cards show 5 Bowie personas: Bowie at the beginning, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, and Bowie as a clown from 1980’s “Ashes to Ashes” video.

See more of my pictures on my google maps local guides review of the station!

David Bowie NYC Subway Pictures Broadway-Lafayette Station