Alive! Museum of the Uruguayan rugby team 1972 plane crash

Welcomed by the museum founder, we saw real pictures and original artifacts from the crash. The founder was inspired by his best friend, one of the survivors, who reminded during a recent major recession that to survive winter at 4000 meters in the mountains, they discovered 100s burn just like 1s.

Of 45, after an avalanche, 16 survived 72 days to rescue, after eating the dead.


The plane lost both wings at the top of a mountain. The mountaintop was the line between Argentina and Chile. The governments of Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina gave up the search after 10 days.


One psychic was wrong about their location, another said with great accuracy where they would be. The governments said they had already searched there and no one could have survived, they would retrieve the bodies in spring.


The plane crashed on Friday the 13th.
13 were killed instantly as the plane stopped abruptly.
13 waited for rescue (while 3 went for help).


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