Features of Seattle

I last visited Seattle in 1999, as grunge was waning. Now in 2015, it’s interesting to see what’s changed, how coffee and grunge culture have given way to hipster sentimentality.

The classic troll, a sculpture under a bridge attracting many.
(Photo on instagram, link at top right of this page)

Black Sun, a unique sculpture that either inspired a song or was inspired by a grunge song, a circular argument among local music historians.


There is an entire sculpture park. Zoe took some pictures but I was a few layers short of comfort and had to leave there right quick.

The restaurants are quite wonderful. A locally sourced organic soup and sandwich shop.  For my birthday, a wonderful farm to table place with refreshingly unique ideas and presentation.


On the garden side of things, I did some landscaping, some days in the rain, every day in 30-40 degree weather.


The guy I worked with was sorry to see me go, apparently good workers are hard to find anymore.

Wet, cold weather in Medina, WA

And a unique public Food Forest with strawberry groundcover. Not too much to look at or eat in winter.



And when the clouds open up a bit, some spectacular snow-covered mountains on the other side of bodies of water. Cascades and whatnot.

All in all a splendid time, certainly not a place to be living in the winter.

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