Inspiration for this collection

I’ve decided once again to start a blog to chronicle my adventures. I had always wanted to start one to tell others people stuff. But I finally realized I want a place to memorialize my experiences for myself. Partly from my memory not wing the best, partly from Facebook showing get me things I posted years ago, and partly from cleaning out my storage unit and realizing I don’t want a bunch of photo albums I have to put somewhere that no one will ever see.

So here we go. Not every picture will be epic, but there will certainly be some. My descriptions will occasionally leave out an important piece I meant to convey but forgot or didn’t have time or signal.

And I’ve got all these tools for emphasis

Mostly pictures and video with some descriptors and my take on things.

And some translations.

Just have to remember to turn off the things if I use them!

Public photo album, video collection, travel journal

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