Muchas Cosas en una Foto

This picture captures many facets of Buenos Aires (BA).


Starting from the left, modern high rises next to centuries old buildings still occupied and flying the original flag. Graffiti is common and mostly words. BA is highly literate, there are many bookstores (and CD stores) and a QR code to an app for downloading library books advertised in the subway. Where other countries seem to devalue geeks and nerds, here there is a culture of acceptance where it is fine to be intellectual.

The small car travelling down the street. There are mostly hatchbacks from VW, FIAT, Renault and Peugeot (haven’t seen those dogs in the states since the 80s!), few Chevys and fewer fords. Almost no dodge or Chrysler.

There are buses with white wall tires. There are some classic cars. I saw a muscle car, a VW thing, some VW buses, and some old American trucks.

Breezing past the Curves gym for women (there are also places like in any city dedicated to crossfit, yoga, martial arts, there was capoera in the park, and we saw a homeopathic apothecary from 1895 still operating with modern products).


The taxi. This is a radio taxi. When in BA  try to get the radio taxis. They use a meter.  Other taxis have the exact same colors but are free to charge whatever they want. You can ask them to use the meter (it will possibly be “broken” or no funciona). Because a cab was over 500 pesos for a 50 minute ride from the airport to where we were staying, we took a bus for 340 pesos from the main airport to another airport which got us very close to our destination. We thought we could maybe walk but then realized it was far, 4 miles. There were bunches of gringos at the airport also waiting for cabs. We waited for over half an hour to get one. After travelling on planes and the bus for 24 hours, we took the first taxi we could. Too tired to check if it was a radio cab, negotiate or ask for the meter to start, he asked where we were going and after we told him he said 300 and we agreed, just so we could get to where we were staying because we had to meet our couchsurfing host and didn’t want to get in any later. 

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