Vertical Gardens and Plant Walls

Creative urban gardeners always looking for more places to grow things have embarked on the next obvious space: the walls. In the style of graffiti and mural art, building have become the new blank canvas, begging the artist for creative input. I’m enjoying this growing trend of urban greenery in American cities, and during our recent jaunt south for the Winter, took some photos in countries across South America in February 2016.

(Pictures forthcoming as I work out the app and mobile uploading)


Qatar AirportĀ 

Brand new and so big there are trams to gates, escalators to various floors, large 3 story sculptures, speedy mechanical walkways and golf carts with passengers driving by. We went through security even though we were transfering from one Qatar Airways flight to another Qatar Airways flight for the Singapore leg of our journey. There was security checkpoint capability at the gate as well, although not active for our flight, we walked through the frames of the metal detectors up to the attendant who checked our boarding passes and waved us through. Down a hall and through a door was another seated waiting area, glassed in from the normal seating area outside the gate. The seating was labeled zones 1, 2, and 3, which seemed like an entirely logical way to organize such a space.

And of course Chinese New Year is always best celebrated with golden lucky cats.

Youtube video: Rainbow Salads Qatar Airport