Buses of Buenos Aires

In a city of 16.6 million, larger than any U.S. city, Buenos Aires has a robust and extensive transportation system of buses and subways. Zoe navigated us with her Google Maps expertise refined in New York City, using the app Como Llego in BA. This post is about the buses, I wrote a separate post about the subway, which was developed around the same time as New York City subways.

The routes are well developed, one could get about anywhere on the public transportation. There are also many, many yellow and black taxis, and a public bike system.

Buses Beautiful Buses

The buses vary from straight ahead standard stock models to fairly extravagant. Mostly Mercedes, which makes sense given Argentina’s European heritage.

White wall tires and shiny chrome rims

The drivers take pride in their ride and decorate them in different ways.

Red fur and fuzzy dice, little disco balls

The decorations make for interesting, enjoyable, and unique experience with each ride and driver.

Fanciest steering wheel in Buenos Aires Argentina

The best is the mother-of-pearl style bowling ball resin steering wheel. Others have fringe at the top of the windows inside, and chrome over the fenders.


This is La Favorita.

After telling the driver what stop you are going to, the machines read cards you hold over a magnetic patch. The cards work on the buses and subway.

Back and front of Buenos Aires public transportation cards January 2016


4 thoughts on “Buses of Buenos Aires”

  1. I liked the pictures of you both with many other folks. I had no idea that Buenos Aires had so many people!
    Do people comprende su Espanol? Looks like your having a great time!

    1. Hola Julianna!
      Zoe comprende mas que yo pero aprendemos. El cena ayer entiendo mucho de conversacion con nuestros couchsurfing hosts. Hablamos en inglais tambien.
      Tenemos un vez magnifico!
      El Damo

    1. Hi Julianna,
      The picture is us with our couchsurfing hosts! Wonderful local people would would have never met otherwise. Definitely new friends, we hope to host them someday in New York.

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